Website Development and Design

We specialize in small to medium size websites to describe and present your offerings, creative activities, services, perspectives and insights in elegant, heartful ways, so that you may reach deeply with them into your local and extended communities and into the world.

The sites we build are responsive and mobile friendly, easy to find, easy to navigate, and intuitive. Search engine optimization, Google metrics, strong security, image optimization, caching and fast page loads are woven into every site.

Your website can be interesting, aesthetically pleasing and comprehensive, say and present everything you are called to share, and be customized in most any way you might imagine – simple, elegant, minimalist, intricate, multilayered, unique – with nearly all elements being fluid. Most ways you are seeing modern sites evolving are possible, as well as some ways you maybe have not seen but are perhaps envisioning or wondering about.

We have experience, familiarity and access to the latest tools, code innovations, themes, plugins, functions and support that is inherent in a rich, open source web development community called WordPress.Org.

Spirit Designs can understand and communicate with the creative, intuitive and inspirational energies and insights that may be moving you, as well as with your heart and intelligence. We can join you to build a website where your visitors are able to discover, explore, understand and experience the exquisite relationships and pathways between all of your offerings, easily and intuitively find what they are looking for, and much more. By listening with the felt senses to what is moving you we become able to design and develop interrelated, deepening and widening levels and areas of interest that will draw kindred spirits and visitors further into your work.

We edit images, do graphics design, can assist in languaging your content and in so many ways help you achieve the website you are seeking.

Our site here is purposely kept simple in part so it doesn’t limit anyone’s sense of what is possible. Once the process of designing and developing starts and we gain some understanding of what is wanted we will begin to offer both practical and unique suggestions in concert with what is calling to you. Your own ideas about your site will very likely change and evolve as it begins to take shape.

We are not attached to particular styles, forms or features, but rather are interested in how the overall whole or integrity of each particular site is aesthetically beautiful, fluidly functional, easy and intuitive to navigate, interesting and pleasing for visitors, and how each site serves the owner’s wish to present their self and their work.

The backends of our sites are setup in some unique ways so that they can be more easily understood, navigated and engaged. We can take care of the backend and site maintenance for you, we can share those tasks with you, or we can turn it over to you.  There can be different levels of backend entry depending on how much involvement you want to have, how confident you are, and how much you are interested in learning. We can also host your site, please look under hosting for more about this. 

Sites we build can be easily editable from the front end as well, without needing to go into the backend, with just a very short learning curve on your part.

Please contact us so we can explore possibilities and costs. Costs are negotiable depending upon your means and what your site is about.